the blush in my cheeks is blood

I want you to fold under me
like a small paper boat
want to watch you fuck me
your eyes dancing in their house
like two glimmering jewels
want you to feel my pulse
with your fingers moving
in me like a marionette
want you hard in my mouth
the orchestra on my tongue
is a soft beam of light
working it’s way around your body
wet and hungry and eager
until your thanks blooms on my chest.
I made this wet just for you
want to put my panties in your
mouth and watch you watch my
eyes pool with need watch you
taste my fever on your lips
watch my hips praise your honour
want to fall in love with the way you
shudder when you come the way
my mouth turns into a moon new
and needy like a hungry dog
want to moan in your mouth
while you whisper my name
until the sound becomes god
we worship the silence the
space between your legs is my
perfect morning. the feeling of
your mouth on my mouth when
I kiss you you’ll see heaven
when you feel my tits
while you fuck me while you
touch me while you watch me
while we become one hungry
animal dividing the ground
splitting the sky flipping our
names inside out turning
nonsense into light into sound
into infinite reasons why you
should not stop don’t stop
keep touching me just like
that I melt in your palm like
milk and honey and butter
did I tell you I want to fuck
you so good you become a
better person want to feel you
grow in my throat in my palm
in my pussy in my body in
my room in the ephemeral
moment before we break apart
and become two again
when you hum it’s like a sacrament
pleasing you is like absinthe
you feel so good so good so good
want you behind me until my bones
are split and my mouth’s tired organs
fall out of my head, want your hands
around my hips. the slit between my legs
a fault line shuddering around you
tight and soft and holy.
and then when I’m alone, I will
think of you and come so hard
my eyes roll all the way back and down
my throat into that velvet hall
where the colours burn from blue to white
as I call and call and call

*I wrote this while masturbating. I came three times. May is International Masturbation Month. Pleasure is political.

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