Reasons to stay alive

Bees and bugs and birds and water and leaves and tiny animals and mornings after it rains and kissing hard like you mean it and hot mug of tea when you’re sad and that person who knows you so well and that person who wants to get to know you and the people who are honest with you and all the things you haven’t felt yet and all the places you haven’t been and the snowy peak of a mountain and the chance at falling in love again and again and again and we have only discovered five percent of the ocean and that means there’s ninety five percent that’s still a mystery and tide pools and mailing little packages overseas to people you love and when babies hold your finger because their hands are too small to hold your hands and when someone really loves you and people who show you that you matter to them and the velvet feeling of the sand at low tide and the sunset that never gets old because how could it and a really tight hug and you haven’t met all the people you’re going to meet and you haven’t loved everyone you’re going to love and there is more to fall in love with all the time and the world is a poetic language and not everything is meant to be understood and some things are just meant to be felt and life is long and the future is unwritten and that’s scary but I’m right here and you’re right here and that’s a sticky weird miracle and sometimes life sucks and sometimes you don’t want to be here and sometimes you don’t want to do the hard thing and sometimes you’re scared and I’ll never tell you not to be but I’ll tell you that I will be right there with you I will be scared with you and we will do it together and we will cry and scream and laugh and dance and we will sometimes go feral and we will sometimes fall apart and ninety five percent of ourselves are not known to us yet and we get to live inside that person who is mostly ocean and we get to be here and we get to be here right now together.

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