this is my confession: 

yesterday i drove north 

all night

on instinct. 

my ears whipped 

to hell 

by the wind. 

i felt firm, like  an 

untouched pearl,

and i was covered

by contrast: 

darkness and then 

so much madness,

which is light.

i told myself i would stop

troubling you with my 

ungoverned heart.

this night i grow pink

and heavy with want. 

in my mind we are 

already coming together

at the same time

the dew on your upper 

lip is my small death,

the kiss i left on your 

teeth is either prayer or

repentance, if you think

about it, there’s no difference

midnight songs 

are playing on

college radio

and i am hardly touching

the wheel. i feel 

everything in this moment.

another life

walks around me, i hear

it knock knock knock

from somewhere in the 

multiverse. but i didn’t 

take that road, i’m 

on this one and it goes

and it goes and it goes

until time parts her wet legs 

for the sun and heat crushes 

my tiny heart into ruins

shining light on the distance

between us, the madness 

of this great love.

this is my confession:

under every word

is your name.

i am not falling 

i’ve already dropped 

through that misery 

into its soft centre

which is so much light

and so much madness

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