There are so many pretty words and phrases that exist in my head only for you. And they will die in my throat. Not expressing myself is hard, but this time, I really can’t. I am in love with you, I always have been and I probably always will be. I’ve let go of a lot lately, and it’s time to let go of this, too. This is the only place I will ever say it, and I’m only saying it because if I don’t, I will probably go mad: I’m in love with you. I will go on being in love with you. You feel right to me. You are a clear image in my head. In another life, I know it’s us.

“That kiss I failed to give you.

How can you forgive me?

The kiss I would have spent on you is still

There, within me. It will probably die there.

But it will be the last of me to die.”

-Kurt Brown

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